About Us

Traveling to Reconnect to Roots...Secrets of the Italy Unknown Even to Italians

ItalyRooting Consulting was founded with the mission of providing services for building bridges to reconnect with Italian roots and for the creation of authentic Italian travel experiences. The Creator and Root Travel Designer is Letizia Sinisi, corporate executive, destination manager, consultant and trainer with extensive experience in international corporations. Through an extensive network of partners and passionate specialists of Italian lifestyle in Italy and abroad, including the best scholars, consultants, researchers and professionals in the anthropological, genealogical, cultural and tourist field, we propose a new incoming development strategy in our country. Our consultants and partners in fact have the highest level professional training, as well as significant and established expertise in various areas of Italian culture and travel.  Thanks to this breadth of experience we are able to provide unique services to Italian descendants and to the operators of the tourism sector for a revolutionary reinterpretation of the travel to Italy and tourist incoming philosophy.